Your imagination is your strongest asset. Like the tower of babel, mankind was determined to reach higher levels and they used their imagination to get there. If it weren’t for God who confused their languages, mankind would have reached high levels that would be remarkable in their eyes. If you would ask a ten-year-old a question and let them use their imagination and ask the same question to a twelve grader, the ten-year-old would have more to imagine and it would be incredible what they would come up with.

When feeding the five thousand, Jesus looked to heaven and multiplied the bread. He looked past the physical and into the spiritual. He was able to use the powers of the kingdom of God. You have to imagine to see yourself successful, then give birth to the thing that you are imagining. Failing to reach your potential is failing to reach God’s purpose for you. Dream big. We have to open the eyes of our imagination, get past the physical and into the spiritual. Memorize scripture and write down the dreams that you want to see come to pass. Walk around your yard as you recite them and back them up with scripture. Do this consistently every day until your imagination becomes real to you. It is not crazy, it is faith. Faith is hard work, and so is getting into the narrow gate to heaven. Dream big, and fulfill God’s purpose.


This is more about imagination. Using your imagination is more than positive thinking, it requires effort. You have to purposefully redirect your mind constantly. God knows what we think, as a man thinketh so is he, Proverbs 23:7. Your mind determines your limitations. If you pray for prosperity, then you must see yourself prosperous. If you pray for healing, then you must see yourself healed. If you pray for a spouse, then you must see yourself married. You must also surround yourself with people who are in agreement with you. So, have you moved beyond your mountain? Do not, or as I say, Never settle for Less. A journey begins with a first step. Pray and your things will come to pass. Meditate on the word of God day and night, perfect peace then comes. God knows what you are thinking. We should teach our younger generation these thoughts. We have the bible which stands for us. You can plant a seed in your accomplishments and don’t forget you will rise beyond limitations.

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