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I got saved when I was 15. At the time I was naïve and did not know what I was doing. I was in boarding school then and I’d like to think that this formed a hedge of protection in my life then not that things were awful. I like to thank God now for the course of my life. I encountered students then that were “more saved” than I was. They seemed to have things going on for them, grades, and life in general. I have recommitted my life to God several times after that. It is not always once saved, always saved. At some points along the journey God knows when you have backslidden and wants you to recommit your life to him again and again. I also underestimated Christianity. It is hard work! Scripture has a lot of instructions and every day has its own burden. Just turning the other check on someone who says bad things about you is hard. I urge you to recommit your life to Him again and again to keep your heart right with God.


I remember as a young Christian wanting to start over, because we are told we can start over in Christ. I got saved multiple times during the day, and had goals to start over the next morning. It really stressed me because I did not know how this looked like. It was a walk of faith and not of sight. I just had to do it and ignore the feelings. As I walked on I started asking God for a sign that He was with me, like Gideon, the mighty man of valor. I had yet to know scripture and this taught me that I needed to know much more from the father than I was thinking. Right now, years later, I just don’t ask for things prematurely without reading the word. He knows my needs but most importantly I start with fellowship- worship and prayer then act on my faith first in the everyday world.

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